How Many Gallons Would I Need to Plasti Dip my Whole Car?

plasti dip in gallonsThis question holds a lot of people back from actually getting started: how many gallons of plasti dip would I need?

..and I get it. You don’t want to buy the wrong amount of dip. Fortunately, we’ve done this enough times to know how many gallons you need for most cars. 

Here’s a chart we created to help you make a decision:

how many gallons of dip do i need chart

Let’s start with 2 door coupes. For example, 1993 Honda Civic, 2003 Honda Accord, or a 2004 Acura RSX. For these cars 3 gallons of plasti dip spray will do the job.

However, you might need a fourth gallon if you’re going from a dark stock color to a light matte color. (eg. Black to Matte White) The fourth gallon will ensure that you get full coverage. I believe its better to have more dip than to run our before the paint job is done.

Next.. 4 door sedans. For these cars 4 gallons is ideal. Again with the mindset that you rather have more dip than you need, than worry about how much you have left.

Finally, SUV’s and trucks should definitely get 5 to 6 gallons of rubber dip spray. 4 gallons will only be enough for a few coats and if you want the best results, more coats is better.

So, I hope this post helped you in making that decision. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section below.

If you don’t want to dip your car yourself and you’re in the New York area, contact us for a quote and to set up an appointment. 

Talk soon..

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  1. says

    was browsing around and came up on your guys site.. You guys did a good job on the site just wanted to throw that out there.. Take care guys.


  2. Jeff says

    This summer I want to PlastiDip my 2004 Pontiac Vibe but there are two things that I have questions about. How many gallons of matte black dip will I need to get to fully cover my Vibe (the stock color is midnight blue and I want to dip it black), and I work at a dealership in the body shop and I wanted to know is it better to dip it outside or inside the bodyshop in the paint booth but I was thinking it would be better to do it outside because in a body shop it is dusty and dust might get in the paint and ruin it? Any responses would be great! Thanks

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